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MB Partners is delighted to announce that long-standing legal partner Withersworldwide has teamed up with Mark Blundell as his maiden British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) campaign moves ever closer. Withersworldwide is the leading international law firm for successful people, helping individuals and businesses with complex legal needs achieve their aims.

With over 100 years' experience of advising industry leaders, including successful athletes, teams, sponsors and investors, Withersworldwide knows what it takes to win. The firm's unrivalled understanding of the sports industry in its international dimension has been of huge support to MB Partners and their array of sporting clients and Mark Blundell is proud to demonstrate the strength of this relationship as he makes his BTCC debut in the 2019 motorsports season.

“As a management group we have worked closely with Withers for a number of years and I am delighted that they are supporting my return to the elite level this year. The complex legal needs of sportspeople and the infrastructure that surrounds them are well known and Withers has always provided the best solutions to our client’s requirements,” says Mark.

Joining one of the biggest stories across the domestic motorsport scene this year, Anthony Indaimo of Withersworldwide is excited to be part of the journey. He believes that this sponsorship support underscores the firm’s commitment to working with MB Partners and sport's leaders around the world.

“Mark’s return to the driving seat came as a very welcome surprise, and is definitely something we want to be a part of! Having worked with Mark and the MB Partners team for a number of years, we are excited at the new opportunities that this strengthened collaboration will bring. It's also inspiring to see a high profile and successful individual like Mark taking on this new challenge in his career, and providing such a powerful example to the emerging talent we work with together. We wish him every success with the BTCC campaign.”


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